• Assam State Rural Livelihoods Mission (ASRLM), Govt. of Assam



The richness of the art and handicrafts of Assam beautifully reflects the bountifulness of its culture. The craftsmen here have long perfected the art of creating wonderful objects from very ordinary products. The craftsmen make several handicrafts apart from the famous silk fabric and cane and bamboo products. Different regions of Assam are known for their different forms of art and handicrafts.

Art and Handicrafts Of Assam

I. Pottery

Pottery is an amazing art form practiced here from ages. The Kumars and Hiras are the two famous communities of Assam who are perfect in the art of pottery. They make incense holder, clay pots, and several other decorative articles.

II. Bamboo and Cane Articles

Practised since time immemorial, making products from cane and bamboo is the popular art form in Assam. Bamboo and Cane are grown in abundance here, and hence most of the household articles in the homes of Assamese are made of cane and bamboo. Even some of the houses are completely made from these natural products. Cane baskets, music instruments, Jaapi(sunshade) and several other accessories are fashioned out of bamboo and cane.

III. Metal Crafts

In Assam, two types of metal crafts are available - bell metal and brass metal. They are not only used for making utensils and other household items but also for jewelry. Hajo and Sarthebari villages of Assam have established their names in the world of metal crafts.

IV. Toys

A wide variety of toys are made in Assam - clay toys, pith toys, wooden toys, bamboo toys, cloth toys and clay and mud toys. The most famous themes picked up for making toys are bride, groom, and animals.

V. Masks

Masks are an integral part of the art and culture of Assamese. Cultural activities like dance involve the use of masks. The masks are made of wood, terracotta or metal.